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Inno-Quarter is always always looking to connect with entrepreneurs who want to plug in their innovation at a festival. You can apply year round through the open call. For the 2018 festivals, your application has to be made before May 1st 2018.



What happens after I apply?

Your application will be checked by our team within 2 weeks. We might ask you to clarify some issues. After this pre-selection check a jury of experts will dive deep in your project and makes a selection. Then you will know if your idea or innovation can be plugged in at in festival and also at which festival.
For the 2018 festivals, your application has to be made before April 1st 2018.

Update: we have extended the application to May 1st 2018!


What’s in it for me?

  • Signing up is totally free
  • If you go abroad, we offer you a maximum of € 1.000 travel and accommodation budget
  • We have a small production- and hospitalitybudget for you, which makes it possible to enter the living lab at a festival
  • We attract the right partners and work from idea to prototype
  • We offer you a temporary mini society where you can test the technical details
  • We offer you access to thousands of end-users – enthousiastic festival goers and (potential) customers.


Criteria we look at when you sign up